We went to the Javits to set up the booth. We hung photos, the logo and got all the stands for the product set up and then headed out to explore. Saturday was our only day to explore so we wanted to take full advantage of it. We walked 11+ miles and didn't even leave Manhattan-- blows my mind. 

We started off walking the high line. It's an old railroad that they transformed into a walking path with tons or greens and art sculptures. 

Underline Coffee was just off the path and along the way. The floors were my favorite. 

At the end of the High Line was Santina, it was love at first sight! We saw it and decided instantly we would stay and eat (without looking at the menu). The bright umbrellas and place settings on the patio drew us in, and the inside didn't disappoint either. Authentic chandeliers from Italy, suede powder blue booths and the marble bar. Oh. My. Word. 

Washington Square Park was next and one of my favorites. When we first walked into the park through all the canopy trees and the benches lining the path, I felt like I was on set of a movie. Can we talk about that arch--so beautiful!

Little Italy was a total hoot! Bri and I had never had a cannoli and thought it would only be appropriate if we had our first in Little Italy (the next best thing to real Italy). Italian restaurants line the streets. Men from the restaurants were standing in front hollering at everyone who walked by trying to lure them in. 

I was expecting China Town to be busier than it was, it could have been the time of day we were there too, but it was a nice change of pace from the chaos of Little Italy. 

On our way to the 9/11 memorial we saw the Federal Court House for my law and order loving heart!

We stopped and rested in State Park for a bit by this fountain. All the fountains in this city are so gorgeous. We were close to 11 miles of walking is not-so-appropriate walking shoes, so our dogs were barking for sure by this point!

The 9/11 Memorial was absolutely incredible. If you ever have the chance to go DO NOT turn it down. I wasn't expecting to get emotional or to reflect so heavily, but the energy hits you right as you walk up. I definitely teared up when we got there. Standing right where the buildings were looking at this incredible fountain and imagining the streets we had walked to get there filled with smoke, debris and chaos. It was powerful. People had placed roses and American flags next to, or in some of the engraved names surrounding the edges of the fountain.

The new World Trade Center building was incredible to see too. The tallest building in North America and such a statement piece to the city. 

We cabbed back to our hotel and fixed ourselves up and headed out to dinner.

We landed at a place called Trademark Taste + Grind. The food was so, so good! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I got chicken, mashed potatoes and a glass of pinot. It was dark and moody vibes (not the best photo op, but I tried to get some photo) with some quirky decor.

We had zero energy, full bellies and were anticipating the NY Now trade show the next day. We decided it would be best to head back to our home base and hit the hay.