Tea Bar || Breaks Are Important


Tea Bar, man. It's a gem. Clean walls, light wood table and chairs, modern fixtures and of course greenery. It wouldn't be Portland with out some plants present. This place is such an easy place to set up shop for a couple hours and to get some stuff done!

My gal pal Ellie (she changing the world with her incredible ethical fashion blog) turned me on to this place. We have work/catch up dates whenever we can find a time that works best for both of us, and she recommended we meet at Tea Bar one day. Tea has never really been my thing. I am an avid coffee drinker, like black coffee, no cream, no nothin'! I was pleasantly surprised, even us "coffee only" people can find a beverage here. I am in love with their Sparkling Hibiscus tea. It kinda takes me back to the days I would go with Mom to a coffee shop and order an Italian soda, but without the intense sugary, cough syrupy taste-- it's refreshing!


wifi: Yes

beverages: ALL the tea.. Everything from Matcha to Sparkling teas. They also serve Kombucha.

food: Yes. They have a few pastries daily.

plug ins: Not as many, so charge up before you go!

seating: Plenty.

lighting: The natural light is UNREAL at all their cafes.

Okay, now what am I learning this week (more like the last month)...

Breaks are important! I took last month off from all things creative and it was great. I was figuring out whether this whole styling/content creation thing was actually something I loved to do and if it fed my soul. I have people who are say, "You can't quit!! You're so talented!" Which is incredibly flattering, but just because you do something well, doesn't always mean you should pursue it at that time, especially if it starts feeling like a burden. Listening to podcasts has been my favorite past time activity lately. I was listen to The Lively Show while walking my favorite little neighborhood in Portland, Or. She was talking about sometimes activities/hobbies don't always fit or feel right in different seasons of life, and how it's okay to let that thing go of life go. Whether it is letting go for a short period of time or letting it go for good. It's okay and that is how we grow.

 Long story short, I took a break, prayed about it and well.. here I am! Back at it! I really missed the whole creative process and had an excellent response on Instagram with quite a few features within the first week of jumping back into it. I took that as an encouraging sign from The Lord and I'm ready to start reaching out to those brands again.

Don't be afraid to take a breaks, you'll come back even stronger. (as we say at Barre3)