Figlia Americana || Community Over Competition


Rejuvenation's little coffee shop/cafe, Figlia is so darling! Old school tiled floors that aren't complete, pendant lighting and little pops of pastels colors with a whole lot of white-- my fav! Did I say it was attached to Rejuvenation?! DEAD. My home will one day look like that store (hopin' and prayin'.. not reeeaalllly prayin', but also kinda am. "Lord, do you see this sink?!) 

Black coffee (typical) and a bagel with cream cheese and lox was my jam. I met a few coworkers from my other job (barre3) for a meeting and to talk shop.  They ordered the avocado toast, I was eyein' it. YUMM!


wifi: Yes.

beverages: Coffee (Caffe Umbria), tea, and smoothies and other cold beverages.

food: For sure.

plug ins: Not as many as I thought.

seating: All indoor seating. There was a long community table that stretches down the center of the space, bar seating, as well as another round table.

lighting: This was a bit deceiving. It wasn't as bright as their photos on their website, but was still decent though.

Here is what I'm learning CONSTANTLY!.... 

I was born with a bit of a competitive edge (my family and friends are laughing right now-- a bit?!) Okay, I'm really competitive. Anyone else out there?

It has its pros and cons for sure. It has been great in the aspect of motivating me to get stuff up and running, but it also discouraged me quite a bit. "Does there really need to be ANOTHER content creator?" "They are waaayyy ahead of me and getting all the business in the area!" Along with about a hundred other comments and questions that have been running through my mind lately. What I know to be true is God has given me this gift and He wants me to use it, whether I make money doing it or just do it as a hobby ever so often for a friends business. There will ALWAYS be enough business for everyone. One person can't physically do it all, they can only book so many projects and there are only so many hours in the day to do them. So friends, no more stressing. Let's focus on being thankful for our talents, whatever they may be. Let's be encouraging, kind, gentle and refer to one one another. There is room for EVERYONE to practice their incredible skills.