sixteen + seventeen


I know everyone says this, but I cannot believe the holidays have come and gone and it's 2017! I remember when I was younger and people older than I would say stuff like "life goes by quicker and quicker the older you get." I was like "yeah. okay, old man," but I learning that it's true, unfortunately. Let's recap and set some goals, shall we??

2016 had some great highs and of course some lows, but let's focus on those positives :)

  • Launched this bad boy (my website). It was a beast and am so glad it's out in the world (thanks Brianna for the help, xo).
  • 2 page feature in Portland Bride & Groom Magazine!! (coming out soon, can't wait to blog about that one)
  • Styled shoots featured on 100 Layer Cake, Best Friends for Frosting and on the Oregon Bride Magazine's blog-- WOOHOO!!
  • Worked with new + incredibly talented vendors.
  • Made some new friends.. one of them has a ethical fashion blog and the other one is an incredible photographer
  • Seattle trip with my gals-- eating, drinking and exploring. (I wish this could happen more often)
  • Started working at Barre3, such a great + encouraging community of people.

I don't really set resolutions per say, but I do try to set goals for myself going into the new year...

  • Blogging + creating once a week
  • Networking (which is the best and the worst. You get to meet some incredible new people, but no one likes rejection)
  • Socializing more + meeting new poeple (oof.) Similar to the one above, but in my personal life. It's so funny how overtime your personality changes a bit, within the last couple years I have become more of an introvert. I don't always like small talk or to have to "turn it on," but I know it's good for me #eyeroll.
  • Writing down three things I am thankful for everyday. I've done this in the past, but not consistently. It's so easy to get caught up in the negativity and hardships. This is one thing that has helped me step back and appreciate what the Lord has blessed me with, both small + big. It's easy just to think about them, but I encourage you to physically write them down. There is something about writing it down and seeing it in front of you that makes your heart soften a bit.

Styling by Ashley Spence